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Kurockina Kristina Kurockina Kristina

Projektu daudzums: 1
Lietotājvārds: Kristina877
Aktivitāte: 07.01.2019 14:11
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DWH/OLAP expert Budžets: 5000 €
3514.02 Ls vai 7171.47 $
Initial term from 1-1,5 months with ability to extend.


Solid experience in modeling of efficient large scale OLAP and Analytical Databases.

Essential MS SQL Server knowledge, required for OLAP modeling and implementation.

Background in Financial IT development is a big advantage.

Proven ability to deliver working and future-prone results time-boxed.


You’d be the main expert to model the efficient OLAP database formed of streamed data, which currently resides within an OLTP database with millions of records. The OLAP DB efficiency by the major part is determined by it’s use within the financial reports, ordered quite a few times a day, even after the streamed OLTP data has been corrected/re-calculated for a substantial historic period. Thus, you’d be the one to...
Publikācijas datums: 03.01.2019 10:33
Autors: Kurockina Kristina [Kristina877]
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